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Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Please address inquiries and comments as follows.


For matters pertaining to the conferences, contact their chairs. These are Mitchell Wand for ICFP, Frank Pfenning for PPDP and Walid Taha for GPCE.


If you have questions about a specific workshop, chances are that the workshop's organizer is the best person to contact. For information about workshops in general, please write to the Workshops Chair Carsten Schürmann.

Local Arrangements

For all matters pertaining to local arrangements, contact Jennifer Landefeld, who is Frank Pfenning's assistant. She will address the issue or forward the message to the appropriate person.

Web Site and Miscellany

The Web site was designed and is maintained by the Publicity Chair, Shriram Krishnamurthi. Email him if you have problems with the Web site, or have questions not appropriate for anyone else.

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