[Pittsburgh 2002]

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Pittsburgh lies at the junction between the East and the Midwest of the USA. A metropolis of about two million people, it has a lengthy history that includes forts of both the French and the English (Fort Pitt). Known as the ``Gateway to the West'', Pittsburgh was the point of departure of Lewis and Clark's famous exploration of the American West. Once regarded as the capital of American steel (a legacy preserved in the moniker of the local football team, the Steelers), Pittsburgh has diversified to house thriving industries. A cultural city, its offerings include sports (Penguins [hockey], Pirates [baseball], the Steelers, and others), museums, the Symphony, the Carnegie Libraries, and several leading educational institutions.


Carnegie Mellon University

Although PLI will be held at a conference hotel, Carnegie Mellon University is providing the logistical support for the event. Here's a campus map, and a walking tour; or, you could just look at some photos. Here's the campus in relationship to the city (a map in PDF).

[Carnegie Mellon University campus panorama]

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