October 6-8, 2002
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Affiliated with PLI 2002

Program generation has the prospect of being an integral part of a wide range of software development processes. A particular area of interest is component-based software development, which bears the promise of considerable productivity increases to software development comparable to the introduction of the assembly line in manufacturing. The goal of this conference is to provide a meeting place for researchers and practitioners interested in this topic.

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What are the Accepted Papers?

Please see the separate page.

What about Hotel and Registration Information?

You will find that on the PLI home page.

What Kind of Material Appears in GPCE (GCSE/SAIG)?

The call for papers provides information on the kinds of papers sought by the conference.

Are There Any Affiliated Workshops?

Yes, there are two workshops affiliated with GPCE (GCSE/SAIG): the Young Researchers' Workshop, which has its own call for papers, and Symbolic Computation and Programming Languages, whose main page contains all the necessary information.

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